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Top 5 Premier League Overrated Players

January 01, 2013

5. Jack Wilshere

Tipped to be the next Arsenal and England captain, Jack Wilshere did really show some promise during his first professional football years. The 21-year-old midfielder enjoyed the best possible full debut season when he scooped Young Player of the Year Award in 2011, starred in Arsenal's infamous 2-1 victory over Barcelona and a number of international games. The boy, however, has been struggling to stay fit later on and when he is on the field, he is far from his old self and consistently overshadowed by his midfield partner Ramsey.

Wilshere, with all the respects, is not a pass master as the like of Xavi, or even Carrick, not a good dribbler like Iniesta, not a long-range striker like Gerrard, Lampard, his creativity is not shown in too many cases, either.

Maybe it's too soon to say Wilshere is the kind of one-season-off player, as he is still young enough but there are some signs that the once-wonderkid is failing to live up to the expectations and the hypes from the press.

 5. Jack Wilshere  


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