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December 01, 2012

Football365News is one of the fastest growing football (soccer) site which is launched in late July, 2012 and powered by Google Blogger.

The considerable success of the site in such a short time is down to the hard work from editorial staff and the supports from website designers, content experts and especially readers from all around the world. Everyday Football365News brings you an average of 150 football-based stories, attracts over 30,000 unique users each month (Source: Google Analytics)

Football365News has also launched a series of new and innovative exclusive columns that are transforming it to a truly global and all-around football community for football fans such as 'Statistics Have Their Says', 'Not Everyone Knows This', 'Women's Football', 'Off The Pitch', and 'Other Sports'.

That is not where Football365News would end, however, we are dedicated to making the site more enjoyable and close to fans, feeding their insatiable desire for up to minute and the very best news whenever and wherever they want.


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