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Del Bosque: Low is the best choice to lead Germany

December 30, 2012

The Spanish national coach, Vicente del Bosque, considers his German counterpart, Joachim Löw, to be the ideal choice for his country and has played down the fact that under his management Germany has failed to win a single European or world title.

"The way he presents himself and his style wins me over. He has introduced a new style of football in Germany and for me he's the best choice to lead the national squad," Bosque said in an interview given to the daily 'Bild'.

The Spanish coach pointed out that Germany reached the final of the Euro 2008 and the semis of the 2010 World Cup, as well as being in the final four in the last edition of the European Championships, concluding that "The Germans can be proud of Löw."

Del Bosque's words have given his German colleague a lifeline, as he been under heavy fire from his fellow countrymen for not having won any titles.

The Spaniard also praised Bayern Munich, going as far as to refer to the German team as one of "the strongest", alongside Barcelona and Real Madrid, and a serious contender for winning the Champions League this season.

Del Bosque thinks it "possible" there might be a pair of managers working together at the helm of the Bavarian side, consisting of the current coach Jupp Heynckes and the former Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, just as former international keeper Oliver Kahn proposed for a transitional phase.

"Of course Kahn's idea doesn't sound bad. If the predecessor and the successor understand each other well and steer the ship together, it just might work," the Spaniard remarked.


Source: MARCA


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